Sunday, May 13, 2018

Trump, Sadler, and culpability.

There are times when you can’t ignore the World by sticking your head in the sand.. When you can’t bar the doors and windows; hiding under your blankets thinking that you can ride the storm out. There are times that you can’t be silent in the face of a Country where the current presidential administration gave White Supremesist a pass in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017. The same administration that would separate illegal immigrants from their children. The same president who, when he was a candidate, criticized Senators John McCain because he had been a Prisioner of War; laughing:

  “He’s no hero. I don’t like the ones who get captured. That’s not a hero”.

  As a Veteran myself, I take deep offense to to that remark.Especially from someone who hasn’t served in the Military a day in his life. In fact President Trump got five military deferments to get out of the Vietnam War. He had bone spurs he said.
Then it should be no shock that White House aid Kelly Sadler insulted Sen. McCain due to his opposition to the appointment of Gina Haspel as Director of the CIA. McCain opposed Haspel’s nomination due to the fact that she oversaw a CIA “Black Site”; an off the books prison where she allegedly supervised and condoned the torture of inmates, earning her the nickname “Bloody Gina”. John McCain a former P.O.W. and who currently suffers from brain cancer,opposed her nomination.
  During a White House staff meeting, aid Kelly Sadler joked:

   It doesn’t matter, he’s dying anyway”.

This is not only Insensitive, it was vile, repugnant, and downright evil. Kelly Sadler should have been fired on the spot! That did not happen. There should have been a formal apology from the White House. There was none. When pressed the Trump administration doesn’t deny that the remark didn’t happen. Nor have they apologized. And strangely I’m not surprised.
  In any organization the leadership sets the tone and the White House is no exception. This culture of cruelty is a reflection of the toxicity of Trump himself.
In 2008 I was in the Arizona National Guard. I campaigned for then Senator Barack Obama. While I didn’t vote for Senator McCain I had respect for the man. I just didn’t like  his platform or his running mate Sarah Palin. Shortly after the election I later went on to serve in Basra’s,Iraq with the Minnesota Guard.
  While I won’t get into the politics of the Vietnam War but I will say this. John McCain wasn’t captured. He was shot down while dive bombing the enemy. Flying TOWARDS the danger. He crashed into water, injured and bloody the enemy fished him out of the water they frog marched him to the infamous Hanoi Hilton: prison.
   He was a Prisoner of War for five and a half years. Beaten multiple times day and night and Gods know what else. Because of his rank he had a chance to be released early, but he said “No, let my men go. He sacrificed himself for his soldiers. After being rescued he continued to serve his country through public service.
  Now, you may wonder why a dyed in the wool ,bleeding heart Liberal such as myself is defending a Conservative such as McCain. Well that Conservative single handedly stopped Trump from destroying Obama’s Health Care act. I bet you didn’t know that. That’s why Trump hates him so much. I defend him because he’s a fellow Veteran. I defend him because what Kelly Sadler said about a dying War hero struck me in a visceral way. Maybe I know what it’s like to be cast aside.
  Because Donald Trump is a vile piece of shit who isn’t worthy of shining John McCain’s shoes. We have a President who handed our country over to Russia (World War Three was won from a keyboard), we have a President who had one of his thugs threaten a child; Stormy Daniel’s daughter. And so far he’s gotten away with it. Trump’s White House IS the swamp, wherein monsters dwell. A place where the employees revel in the slimy murk of their Master. Which it’s why this particular monster; Kelly Sadler, can spew bile with impunity. Just like her boss.
  Since Trump laughs at P.O.W.s’, I wonder how long would he hold out under the same circumstances. I don’t think he’d last long.

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