Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Romy Astrovick and The Smart Sexy Vegan!

    Hello. I've been gone from this blog for many Moons. Truthfully, I feel that I had lost my voice over the past year or so. But that's another Blog for another day. I have finally gotten my voice back. All I needed was a little push, an gentle nudge from the muse; pushing me into a pool of inspiration; the healing waters of creation are glorious....and I can dream again.

      I have the good fortune to have a BFF who doubles as my Creative Muse. I've known Hannah Pralle for years; Singer/Songwriter, Storyteller, Jack of All Trades;and she amazes me all the time. I could swear that she is an Earth Goddess on the lam; even the Gods need a Vacation. Her life has been an awesome journey; walking the Earth like Cain in "Kung-Fu": she is a truly evolved soul!

    But, that my friends is not a story for me to tell. I strongly suggest that you check out her site:

   At this moment in time I have my own tales to weave. And you would not believe them if I told you. But the "Further Adventures" of Romy Astrovick will be told ;-)

But for now. Enjoy the show! She has the honeyed voice of an Angel

See you on the flip-side of Infinity :-)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thy Rod and thy Staff

"Ignoring our personal stake in our own search for God, Knowledge and Spirituality is a lazy approach. Be ye' Christian, Jew, Pagan, Gnostic or whatever. Its the difference in whether you want to be a sheep. Or take up the mantle that is your Birthright...Shepard".@->--->--->--------"Jerome Aubrey: Book of Romy" Chapter 1: The Rod and the Staff.