Friday, June 12, 2009

The Five Heroic Traits

In class we w had to write a paper about our college graduation and the five things that would be said about us. Well I decided to have a little fun with it, luckily my professor is a sci-fi fan and loves a good satire.


The light, bell like ringing of a champagne glass fills the room and silences any and all chatter in the large dining hall, reverberating off of the vaulted ceilings. A broad shouldered, intense looking man with jet black hair that was neatly spiked over a heavy brow glided silently to the podium. He wore a black pinstriped Armani suit with bright black and gold cufflinks. This man carried a quiet authority that underscored the importance of this occasion. He spoke with a jovial, measured tone that belayed his rugged face.

“My friends, I thank you all for coming tonight and we all know why we are here; the night is almost over so I won’t keep you”

“My name is Colonel Brian Trevino and I am happily retired” this brought light laughter from the crowd.

“We are here today for two reasons. The first reason is; the grand opening of the Romy Astrovik Technology Center and Transhuman Museum. This wonderful facility will work as a public virtual library and education center for those who would otherwise not have access to a public computer, and is fully equipped with a staff that has, as their sole mission; is to train and tutor these people, free of charge”.

Applause fills the room.

“The second reason is today. He is graduating with a Doctorial Degree. He is now a Doctor of Psychology.

Even louder applause and cheers rose from the crowd.

Colonel Romy Astrovik; US Army retired. Secret Agent, crime fighter, the world’s first Bionic Super-Soldier, powered by a micro-solar converter that runs on beer and Vodka, he is a man of wonder for this bright, new age”.

Now, folks we all know the story: Colonel Astrovik; who was then just a wide-eyed, idealistic Lieutenant, lead his squad to victory in Afghanistan’s infamous ‘Battle in the Valley of Shadows’ back in2015. But victory came at a heavy price. Lt. Astrovik was blown up while clearing a Combat Support Hospital. But under the rubble he had survived”.

Brian takes a sip of Champagne and continued.

“Although he was missing limbs and had lost a lot of blood, his heartbeat was strong. They flew him to Ramestien Air Base in Germany. The Doctors said one thing…Gentlemen…we can rebuild him, we have the technology”.

“They made him better than he was before, better, stronger, faster: all for just under Six Million Dollars”.

“We are not here to talk about all the medals he has won: and there are a whole LOT of them. We are not here to talk about how he stopped the Red Goblin and his twisted terrorist group from blowing up Cleveland, Ohio; why Cleveland? Well, apparently he didn’t like the Browns”.

“We are not here to talk about how he and the Super-Joe Team defeated renegade industrialist Tex Tugrik and his League of Disarray when they attacked the newly rebuilt Twin Towers in New York. And he showed no fear as he trounced Rip De Lahousy and his All Girl Gang when they tried to evaporate all the beer in Germany.”

“That time…it was personal”.

“It takes a special kind of man to fight Ninja Girls wearing high heels and he was more than UP for the challenge”.

“No, my friends, we are here to talk about the kind of person it takes to graduate college; while being a real American Hero”.

“The first thing is that this is a person who finishes what he starts. He could have lamented his misfortune. But instead of quitting college, he stayed in.

“Secondly: He was prompt in turning in his assignments on time and correct: even while going through intense physical therapy and adjusting to having bionic limbs and cyborg implants”

“Thirdly, he is driven, he never gave up, never surrendered, and although he had initially only wanted an Associate’s Degree. He went on to get a Doctorate in Psychology. I am not sure any of us have the heart to do that while adjusting to Nanotechnology in your bloodstream: and all the while he was drunk and full of pills”.

“Can YOU do that? I didn’t think so”!

“Forth, he is loyal: not only did he stick with the School. In fact he dedicated his life to help others find the light of higher education.

“Finally, he is compassionate. Through being wise with his money and having a lucrative retirement from the service, he created a space where people can learn, grow, and evolve. And opening the Romy Astrovik Technology Center and Transhuman Museum and that is what defines a true hero; one who helps and defends those who cannot help themselves. Always setting the example that humankind should follow. That we are here on Earth to grow, change, and evolve”.

“Plus: he can drink anyone here under the table”.

“So I propose a toast. To Colonel Romy Astrovik a true Man of Steel, and making sure that everyone makes it to the technological singularity”.

They all drank up, rose from the table, and through hugs and applause strode towards a better tomorrow.

See you on the flipside of Infinity.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Countdown to Deletion

To start this essay off by stating that the world is changing would be a colossal cliché. Humankind, since first fashioning rocks and sticks into rudimentary tools has been in a constant state of flux.  A steady incline of technological growth and evolution which has no sign of stopping any time soon; bringing to fore wonders that would have been seen by our earliest ancestors as nothing short of magic.

            This very moment I am writing an essay on a machine that is smaller than, but more powerful than the computers that took a few daring individuals to the moon forty years ago. This is why I chose the topic of basic computing and Internet Technology skills as something that I think is a skill that; even in these enlightened times, many people have not mastered or even explored out of fear or lack of opportunity. There are many third world countries where people have never seen a computer, the children who are born in these countries are already at a disadvantage because of poverty, war, lack of education; the technological gaps are astounding. We may think it’s quaint to think of civilizations that have not changed for thousands of years. But, in my opinion these societies could benefit greatly from even the most rudimentary knowledge of what this great machine can do for them. Beyond the lucky few who escape that kind of poverty, and in some cases oppression, how many of those people return to their homelands to educate those left behind. And that is the great consequence of not having this skill: to be left behind, to be blocked from certain careers, education and the quality of life these things provide.

            I see this as not just a growing trend abroad, but here in the United States as well. I can recall several times while waiting in the self-checkout lane in a grocery store, and observing an older person having trouble comprehending a rudimentary technology that many of us take for granted today. I always try to assist this person; if the check-out attendant is busy. The attendant; usually between 18 to 25 years of age, always sighs and huffs when helping out this elderly person and it bothers me. It makes me wonder what we can do about it. The current generation, in my opinion, not very patient with the quickly disappearing World War Two Generation: Some would call this the “Greatest Generation”.  If that is true then I think we owe it to them to at least show them how to use a computer, how to email their families, friends, and loved ones.

            I remember the first time I showed my Father my laptop. It had a web cam and we talked to my best friend from across the country. My Father was born in 1919 and is still alive and cantankerous as ever. He lives in the Bayou down in Louisiana and with respect to him I did not expect his reaction: It blew his mind.

            “Well, son” he said puffing on the same old wooden pipe he’s had since the 1970’s “You always wanted to be Captain Kirk”. He was referring to my adoration of Star Trek and being able to say “Hello” to someone on “View-Screen” as he put it. I was glad that I had taught him some basic computing skills because that next year Hurricane Katrina destroyed south Louisiana.  I had no way of getting in touch with my parents and had no choice but to watch the news, in some hopeless hope that I would gain some knowledge of their location, If they had lived. All communications networks were down for weeks. I was in contact with my siblings, but they had not heard a thing either. I did not get word from anyone until one morning; six weeks after Katrina, I received an instant message that said:


            Through my tears I wrote him back, thanking the heavens above, and not caring that my Dad did not know that writing in all caps on the internet is the equivalent of shouting, I was just glad my parents were alive. They sent me their new address and phone number. If I had not taught my parents about this “Star-Trek Gadget” as they called it, who knows when I would have found out.

            This is just one example from personal experience on how the lack of knowledge and lack of access to basic IT technology affects the poor, and the elderly. The computer skills that I have were learned through friends, and good old trial and error, of course I had access to a computer, which surprisingly in these United States, some people do not.

            As I stated before; there is no sign that Humanity’s Technological Evolution is going to come grinding to a halt anytime soon. It is one of the reasons why I chose to return to school after so many years absent: If you do not change, grow, and evolve: which I think is the nature of Humankind at its most finite essence; then you will be left behind, confused, baffled and bewildered as the world passes you by. The individual that this happens to will only have the same option that the dinosaurs had: Extinction, or since this is an essay on Technology a more appropriate term would be: Deletion.









Sunday, May 17, 2009

President Obama Turns Lemons to Lemonade


      Okay, so its not Water to Wine.  But Lemonade was good for what he was given; which were a bunch of bitter lemons.


     Although I think he should have added some Vodka and a bit of Blue Curraco and made an Electric Lemonade, Which has been around longer but not as groovy as Disco Lemonade. But if he wanted to: I bet he could....He's that cool folks. 


     All talk of Sex and Candy and the people who love both aside.  I am writing about President Obama's Arizona State University commencement speech. I'm attending college online at University of Phoenix. In class today(COM 140) we had to pick a persuasive speech that moved us, give our opinion on whether or not it would be effective if were only the written word. And site links: If there were any.


    Being an Arizona Resident I wrote about the President's Address to the graduating class of ASU.

 This follows below:


I think that the most important way to sway someone; be they a multitude or a single entity, is geniality.  It’s like my mother used to say “you can attract more bees with honey than with buttermilk”. This axiom is true in public speaking and in life.

                The example I will cite is Barrack Obama’s Arizona State University Commencement. This means a lot to me because I am from Arizona and I know that ASU had said a few weeks ago that President Obama does not deserve an honorary Degree because; in their eyes, his “body of work” was not sufficient enough for the standards of ASU.   I saw it live at my gym on wide screen; It was broadcast live on all the local channels. Although a lot of this was possibly “sour grapes” from a Red-State that is still singing the Blues because their candidate lost. President Obama walked into the lion’s den, much like the biblical Daniel, and swayed the crowd to love him.  You may ask “how”: by poking fun of the scandal itself. By making light of what, to a lot of people, an unforgivable slight.

                While watching this, I heard people around me, moved by his words: several of these were currently ASU students. I heard one guy say that he was “ashamed of the school and its stupidity”.  President Obama said:


       “I come to embrace the notion that I haven’t done enough in my life. I heartily concur. I come to confirm that one’s title, even a title like president of the United States, says very little about how well one’s life has been led — and that no matter how much you’ve done, or how successful you’ve been, there’s always more to do, always more to learn and always more to achieve”.


       Effectively turning the lemons served him into


Lemonade, and winning over the Graduating Class,


 Faculty, and possibly Arizonians who would not have


gone to see him otherwise, through the rhythm of his 


speaking and his body language: such as the way that 


he always holds his hands open which I find to be


 symbolic of his openness. I think that while the speech  

was beautifly written. Its audiance would have missed 


out by not being there in that moment. I think that the 


President's handling of a touchy situation should make 


ASU Faculty, the 2009 graduating class, and a lot of 


Arizonians...take a long, hard look in the mirror.



                To see more follow the links below to see 


the entire speech and witness a master orator in 



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Origins of Swagger, Star Trek, and the Reset Button

                Yes. Swagger. It’s a GOOD thing.

                I’m talking about a world of hip, cool, confidence. I am talking about how life can be good if you allow it. Is the world sunshine, unicorns, and baby farts all the time? No, in fact if you buy into the fear factory major network news, you would think that the world is just the opposite.

                That’s why I get my news from Comedy Central. Yes, you can get more truth from fake news than you can from the “real news”. Stewart and Colbert: a one two punch of brainy snark.  I love it.  

                Speaking of a dynamic duo who have captured my heart. Kirk and Spock!  Star Trek is back and it rocks!!!!Here there be spoilers  kids; but it is so worth it to go see it. J.J. Abrams brought the funk, the whole funk and nothing but the funk! And it flies out of the screen and upside your head at warp speed. He even threw in a bit of Alias. (1st Season: Red Matter) J.J. Abrams is so bad~assed he can rip HIMSELF off. Ballsy. This makes him have almost as much Swagger as Obama; the hippest President ever.

              I was raised on Star Trek. As a kid I used to ride my bike home after school; hoping I made it by 3:30 PM. I would always make it just in time to take off into space with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Yes, I’ve seen all 79 original episodes, the equality optimistic Next Generation, the low- tech and slightly edgier DS9, the Uber-Teched, far-flung Voyager and the short lived Enterprise. On that, talk about taking a good thing and driving it to hell, Enterprise; despite some cool moments, sucked like a newly born black hole.  Yes I am a Geek: and we shall inherit the Earth.

But this one brought something to Trek Universe that we have not seen in years: Swagger! And I tell you, Kirk and Spock swabbed the decks in Human and Vulcan testosterone. Bones was beautifully neurotic, brimming with anxiety and possibly Southern Comfort.  Hey, Bones likes to sit under a tree and have a Mint Julep every now and then. (So do I ) We even find out why he got the nickname Bones.  And Uhura was a cunning linguist; Hey Spock thought so, and the unexpected romance between her and Spock gave both their characters a rich depth: the expert in alien languages can ignite the cold fires of repressed Vulcan passion, reminding him that he is part Human.

Even the ORIGINAL Spock thinks not only was it not only logical for the hardcore Trekkies to see the new movie but you are a dickhead if you don’t, and he’s right!


  width="512" height="296">



Time-travel, alternate-realities, swashbuckling action, Red-Shirts dying in stupid ways, Twice the Spock! These are a few of my favorite things. In Wrath of Khan Kirk told the tale of how he sabotaged the unbeatable Kobayashi Maru scenario. He told this tale while chomping on an apple; cocksure smirk and all.  In this one they actually show the Kobayashi Maru that Kirk cheated on while strutting around eating an apple. Genius. Kirk is no stranger to forbidden fruit; when I say he made out with green-girls I’m not talking about vegans. Chris Pine is worthy to fill the star-filled shoes of the Mighty Shatner.  

Spock raises issue with this because “Cadet Kirk! You DICK! I designed that scenario myself! Its unbeatable”!  Okay he didn’t say it like THAT but it was the first time these two men met. Each having a quality the other lacks in some ways. Snarky quips back and forth with each other. Ahhhhh.  Burning hatred…the start of a beautiful friendship. 

Spock took it a bit personally; of course he would deny it to the bitter end because he has layers of emotional issues that he fights to avoid. He has Kirk put on Academic Probation of sorts…He could be expelled from Starfleet Academy, and it may go down on his permanent record. But that’s when all hell breaks loose out in space and they call all the cadets to hop on ships to go and help the fleet. Kirk is grounded because of his cheating. But, with the help of Bones injecting him with something to make him appear sick and stows him away as his patient; and the hilarity ensues.

As soon as Kirk appears on the ship the already fast -action speeds up to breakneck gallop. The thing that made Classic Trek stick out in our minds and stay in our collective conscious for so long is that bit of comedy that went with it. I believe the cast pulled it off without being cheesy.

Oh and another thing that makes it rock; four words: Simon Pegg as Scotty!

Bringing in old-school fans? Check.  Bringing in Sci-Fi fans who may not have been into Trek but were curious? Check.  Attracting everyone who is ready for a big, fat summer blockbuster that delivers something for everyone because when someone isn’t running and shooting, fighting, smarting off with snappy banter to one another …someone is making out. Check! It broke the Dark Knights opening weekend. The Origin story of the greatest team of all seen in a new interesting way was wonderful.

 Sometimes a franchise is just like life; and if life is a game, a story that we actively play in, it’s ok to hit RESET! The Hulk got a reboot and it worked, BSG got a reboot and it worked! (I’m just now getting over my withdrawal) Our favorite Six-Foot- Bat got a reboot with Batman Begins. OH hell yeah Reboots can work.

Now if we can do something about Superman.  Wait they did one in 2006; in my opinion they need to give that movie the same treatment they gave The Hulk. It was great to see the Last Son of Krypton flying around again but they really could have written a better story.

They are thinking about doing this; scrapping the Supes as deadbeat-dad bullshit, Supes gets back and she is with CYCLOPS? (and how does Cyclops get all the great women anyway?  One-eyed mother fucker). Bullshit! Lois KNOWS who her Superman is! I say this not because I don’t like the kid in the story. I have nothing against Brandon Routh and his mighty package, or Brian Singer. But Dammit the best Superman movies were 1 and 2. The others just blew.  Supes needs some Swagger. Plus, there is a nagging question that has bugged me for years since I read comics, and I am sure that lot of other people have thought about this. How can a man who is Super-Strong and invulnerable make love to a human female. Wouldn’t Lois just be putting her life in danger by getting her groove on with the Man of Steel. Well, I could spend pages and pages exploring the intricacies and probabilities of what would really happen if Kal-El gave Lois Lane his Kryptonian Kielbasa. But I can just show you in the picture below.






Screw; ain’t it?

Another movie that  I really loved was the one that kicked off the summer: Wolverine. He’s the best there is at what he does; and what he does ain’t nice. I think that it was awesome not only did this movie rock. But it premiered on May 1st. Beltane. For those of you who don’t know, Beltane is a celebration of Spring, A Pagan Sabbat; fucking awesome. You have arguably a wild primal force of nature with pointy hair that makes me think of Pan. Hugh Jackman, he sings, he dances slices, dices, and kicks ass, a worthy avatar for my one of my favorite deities. Yep folks, there is nothing like a good origin story. And this one raises the bar with the over the top action and beat-downs. See it. Wolverine is one of my favorite characters and Hugh Jackman is an inspiration to me because he is a true renaissance man who is comfortable in his skin, and can sing you a show tune…right before he breaks your jaw.

Do I have a Man-Crush on Hugh Jackman? No, I just love all things Australian.

Now Olivia Newton- John…..oh yeah ….have had a crush on her since childhood.

Well that’s all for now. See you on the flip-side of infinity.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lady, That's My Skull: Nerd Libs

Lady, That's My Skull: Nerd Libs

I found this blog and the sheer "nerd power" of it rocks. I'm digging it, check it out.

He had me at his name: "Sleestack".

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fear of a Blue Penis

“It’s nothing but porn”!

“It was just awful”!

“I don’t get it”….

These were just a few of the comments I heard from the unwashed masses who had seen a movie that I: at the risk of totally dating myself; have been waiting 23 years to see. I am talking of course about the movie “Watchmen”. If you have been living under a rock for the past year it has been one of the most anticipated movies of the last year from the most celebrated Graphic Novels of all time.

Graphic Novel; before it was a graphic novel it was a 12 issue mini-series ; and I read each issue. It was 1986 and I was a kid going to Howards News stand. Back then DC Comics had just destroyed the Multiverse and was reconstituting its history. A few blocks away Marvel Comics was having a Secret War. I was looking for something new and fresh, I stumbled across Watchmen.

It was the first time I had ever read anything written by Alan Moore. I grew up dirt poor and could only afford a couple of comics a month. But the store owner knew I was a good kid and would let me sit there and read for hours. Watchmen got my attention from the beginning. And being a kid seeing super heroes swearing, killing, screwing and struggling with inner demons; totally changed the way that I looked at the superhero genre. It made me wonder “what if superheroes existed in the real world” ? Well for one, just to dress up in a costume, go out at night and kick the shit out of people you have got to be a pretty fucked up individual in the first place. And how do you cope mentally and emotionally with all the shit you see in the shadows of the city’s underbelly. And what would the government say. Would you be their agent, their blunt instrument? Would you hang up your tights if they passed a law banning all non-government sanction heroes, or would you keep fighting your “never ending battle” : basically becoming a fugitive.

Watchmen explores all of these issues in an alternative 1985 where Nixon is in his FIFTH term as President. And Superheroes are just as real and flawed as we are; our hopes, our dreams, our secret fetishes. We are in the midst of the cold war just as we were back then. But in the Watchmen universe we had a strategic advantage the Russians did not: A quantum superman named Dr. Manhattan.

Dr. Manhattan, along with another government sanctioned character; the bloodthirsty Comedian, won the Vietnam War for the U.S. Hell according to the opening montage it was the Comedian who was the second shooter on the grassy knoll when JFK got capped. The Opening montage is a perfect lead in to this film and the sound track is driving and heartbreaking all at once. The rest of the heroes had either retired or gone underground. And this leads me to the title of this blog. As in the comics Dr. Manhattan is nude. As a man who lives in a quantum reality, there is no past, present or future; there is only as they say in Metaphysics “the now” . If you were a transcendent being , with no need for food, or water , if you could be in multiple places at once, do just about ANYTHING and was pretty much omnipotent and indestructible: would you really think about clothes? In the book the artist Dave Gibbons said in and interview that yes Manhattan was nude, but he tried to portray it in a tasteful , understated way. The movie previews may have unintentionally misled movie goers who were not familiar with the story: in the movie previews Manhattans blue vine was blurred out with CGI. So these people got a BIG surprise…especially since the first time we see the good Doctor in the film is when he is in a his “giant” form and we get full frontal of what would technically be 7 feet of dangling blue thunder. So…Maybe the Russians fear him so much because he’s packing his very own ICBM? (sorry, I’m a naughty boy and I couldn’t resist) Yes, it blows my mind about America. We can watch bloody movies about people killing and hurting each other. But God forbid we show two grown adults making love. God forbid we show ‘Gasp’! a PENIS. And I thought that Superman’s nick name was “Big Blue” J Anyway, no animals were hurt by the Dr. Manhattan’s mighty turquoise tube steak. Only a few male egos and maybe some “good girls” who were ashamed that they could not stop staring at it. Oh America…when will you catch up? It’s not the 50’s anymore, and the invisible man who lives in the sky won’t strike you down because you were ambushed by colossal, cobalt, cocks. And if that is all you were focusing on then you missed out on a beautiful, multilayered story that is comes at you through the screen like some Greek tragedy clad in spandex and leather. Not pulling any punches and bringing you characters that are as vulnerable as they are powerful. The ending was slightly different than in the comic; but with the same shocking effect that was satisfying for fan boys like me and the unwashed masses; still asking the question asked in the book: how far would you go to save the world, at what price.

I loved it. Too bad they couldn’t incorporate the pirate story “The Black Freighter” it was a story within the story about a pirate trying to make it back to his village to warn them of the coming Black Freighter that destroyed his ship and killed his crew. (I hear its coming out as a solo story on DVD) It reflected the all the sturm and drang of the main story. In the Graphic novel there was a little African-American boy outside of the newsstand reading this story throughout most of the graphic novel.

That little boy was me.

More Later . See you on the flipside of infinity


Monday, February 2, 2009

Friends are stranger than Fiction

Things have been stranger than usual with me. I have not eaten meat in a week; which works for me because last year I had consciously tried to go vegetarian and crashed and burned several times. So I stopped trying. And in a very Zen-like way I have gotten farther without trying. It was gradual, setting my spiritual compass in a direction and eventually ending up where I’ve always needed to be. Like that old Supertramp song I took the long way home.

I think of the lessons of the desert. How you always have to prepare for the future; because the desert is harsh, unforgiving, and really doesn’t give a shit if you are down on supplies and destitute. There are predators here. Charlatans, scammers, tricksters, Jim Jones wannabes, false goddesses and the R.O.U.S’s (Rodents Of Unusual Size)…I have encountered each….and defeated them all.

But there are GOOD people here. People who I have love for and count as friends, allies, brothers and sisters. There’s Dan, Erin, and Wheeler. They were my friends, neighbors up in Flagstaff. I used to work with Dan and Erin at Monte V and Wheeler was roomies with Dan. We all lived next door to each other. Those crazy kids are in Hawaii now.The 4 of us used to discuss the universe and the nature of reality. The swashbuckling Jeff Dean; who is descended from Gypsies and Pirates, who introduced me to extraordinary worlds of creativity and gave me my first dose of Lovecraft. Paul and Tara Ferguson; who introduced me to Falcon Press and books by Israel Regardie ,Donald Michael Kraig, Robert Anton Wilsons philosophies. Paul is the Spock to my Kirk; logical where I’m impulsive. And showed me what REAL MAGICK was and that it is just like the Force: It is the wielder, not the power itself that shapes its purpose and that it all goes back to the wielders intention.

There’s big Fred who is almost a big a geek as I am; but you would not be able to tell because he is a huge, walking muscle of a man. Swander, who is like MacGyver, only a LOT more sarcastic. And he was there during one of my darkest times. And my current roommates, Jay and Jamie: They are a couple: The Gemini Twins I call them. (everyone gets a nickname) They make sure I don’t eat fatty foods and are as much my pet Gays as I am their Karen Walker of Will and Grace: because just like her I am usually drunk and full of pills.
And then there is my brother Brian. We are not blood relations but we may as well be. He has proven that he is my best friend time and again. The Batman to my Superman; the Dark Knight to my Last Son of Krypton , and Just like Batman, most people think he’s a dick, and to be quite honest, he kinda is. But just like Batman they respect him and his keen mind. (He is fucking scary with numbers). And since we both have our own special brand of madness. (A touch of Ordinary Madness is a prerequisite for all my friends) I get his madness and he gets mine. And we try save the world before Thursday, but just end up recreating it on Friday:

There is another. She is in many ways a muse to me. She first introduced the concept of being vegetarian, educated me on animal cruelty, and lives on her own terms, she has been burned at the stake and rose like a Phoenix again and again. A woman who is ALMOST as knowledgeable about Old-School X-Men comics as I am; and she actually loves and GETS BSG. She writes a story that seduces you like the demon lover you have always wanted and always feared. If Kate Bush and Chrissie Hynde had a baby….it would be her. Hannah, thanks for being in my life.
That’s all for now, I have stories to write and alcohol to abuse.
See you on the flipside of the Galaxy.