Monday, February 2, 2009

Friends are stranger than Fiction

Things have been stranger than usual with me. I have not eaten meat in a week; which works for me because last year I had consciously tried to go vegetarian and crashed and burned several times. So I stopped trying. And in a very Zen-like way I have gotten farther without trying. It was gradual, setting my spiritual compass in a direction and eventually ending up where I’ve always needed to be. Like that old Supertramp song I took the long way home.

I think of the lessons of the desert. How you always have to prepare for the future; because the desert is harsh, unforgiving, and really doesn’t give a shit if you are down on supplies and destitute. There are predators here. Charlatans, scammers, tricksters, Jim Jones wannabes, false goddesses and the R.O.U.S’s (Rodents Of Unusual Size)…I have encountered each….and defeated them all.

But there are GOOD people here. People who I have love for and count as friends, allies, brothers and sisters. There’s Dan, Erin, and Wheeler. They were my friends, neighbors up in Flagstaff. I used to work with Dan and Erin at Monte V and Wheeler was roomies with Dan. We all lived next door to each other. Those crazy kids are in Hawaii now.The 4 of us used to discuss the universe and the nature of reality. The swashbuckling Jeff Dean; who is descended from Gypsies and Pirates, who introduced me to extraordinary worlds of creativity and gave me my first dose of Lovecraft. Paul and Tara Ferguson; who introduced me to Falcon Press and books by Israel Regardie ,Donald Michael Kraig, Robert Anton Wilsons philosophies. Paul is the Spock to my Kirk; logical where I’m impulsive. And showed me what REAL MAGICK was and that it is just like the Force: It is the wielder, not the power itself that shapes its purpose and that it all goes back to the wielders intention.

There’s big Fred who is almost a big a geek as I am; but you would not be able to tell because he is a huge, walking muscle of a man. Swander, who is like MacGyver, only a LOT more sarcastic. And he was there during one of my darkest times. And my current roommates, Jay and Jamie: They are a couple: The Gemini Twins I call them. (everyone gets a nickname) They make sure I don’t eat fatty foods and are as much my pet Gays as I am their Karen Walker of Will and Grace: because just like her I am usually drunk and full of pills.
And then there is my brother Brian. We are not blood relations but we may as well be. He has proven that he is my best friend time and again. The Batman to my Superman; the Dark Knight to my Last Son of Krypton , and Just like Batman, most people think he’s a dick, and to be quite honest, he kinda is. But just like Batman they respect him and his keen mind. (He is fucking scary with numbers). And since we both have our own special brand of madness. (A touch of Ordinary Madness is a prerequisite for all my friends) I get his madness and he gets mine. And we try save the world before Thursday, but just end up recreating it on Friday:

There is another. She is in many ways a muse to me. She first introduced the concept of being vegetarian, educated me on animal cruelty, and lives on her own terms, she has been burned at the stake and rose like a Phoenix again and again. A woman who is ALMOST as knowledgeable about Old-School X-Men comics as I am; and she actually loves and GETS BSG. She writes a story that seduces you like the demon lover you have always wanted and always feared. If Kate Bush and Chrissie Hynde had a baby….it would be her. Hannah, thanks for being in my life.
That’s all for now, I have stories to write and alcohol to abuse.
See you on the flipside of the Galaxy.

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