Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Existential Meltdown: Part Deux

We have been programed for fear and hardwired for imprisonment in a dogmatic belief system with black iron bars that we can't even see. A system that tells us if we color outside the lines or think outside the box they placed us in. We can lookforward to burning and tourture and agony for all eternity.

Well smack my ass and call me Suzy! Now THAT'S Divine Love right there....Fuckin' sign me up right now!!

But whos to say that our picture of God is definitely different from most others One God many faces. I advise you to research and decide for yourself. Its the best way and you avoid the danger of giving your power away. Search for yourself.

That old Indigo Girls song just poped into my head "Closer I am to Fine"
The reason I have been wondering about such things is that I have been pondering the right to life. No this has nothing to do with a fetus. I'm talking about the power to take our own lives if we saw fit.

Tibetian monks have set themselves ablaze to protest Chinese occupation. Hell some people here in the U.S. set themselves on fire protesting this war. EMTs are getting a lot more DNR orders (do not recessutate) and are powerless to do anything about it.
People are leaving the planet in droves; wheather by accident or choice. I just wonder is it our place to stop them?

If someone wants out of the illusion, this game, whatever it is I say go for it...Unless you have kids. Then its your responsibility to stay in, what some would call "a world of Piss"

Hey kids Space/Time continuim fucking with your CHI? The Illusion of Duality getting you down. Sick and tired of being sick and tired on a Galactic Scale well heres what you do ...you GET THE FUCK OUT!!!! By plane, train, automoble,speeding bullet or auto-erotic-axphixiation. Heres some possibility for you...what if religion were all an illusion, one thats been going on for years and kept us in line and taken a shitload of money.......Just a thought.
Me, I'm staying around till 2012 . Going to a hell of a party and I must admit that I will get a kick out of the masses making asses of themselves by paniking and all :)

Right now I'm feeling like NEO after the e red pill. Kansas is goin bye-bye. Is the chair realy a chair or just molicules spinning so slowly that they appear solid.

Is that cat in the box dead?

And are we living in soul machines...or cages for our soul?

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