Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Syncronicity & DVR

Syncronicity and DVR Current mood: artistic Category: Life

I was doing homework and watching tv. ( Yeah like you dont do it ) Not that Psych 101 was not interesting enough, I decided to breeze though the channels and I saw a familiar title on Ovation( an arts channel that I was unaware of until today): "Where the Buffalo Roam" Its A Biopic about Hunter S. Thompson and his rise to fame. Being a fan of the father of Gonzo and his long strange trips, I decided though the magic of DVR I can record this and watch it later, much like a leapord kills its prey and take it into a tree to eat at twilight. But being that it was 5pm it was close enougth to twilight for me. So I recorded it and cruised the cathode ray highway some more. On Comedy Central they were showing Futurama, the title of this episode was "Where the Buggalo Rome" Nothing to do with Hunter S; the episode was the one where Amy takes Kif to meet her parents on Mars, They are Buggalo ranchers. These are giant ladybugs. It makes me wonder if it was just coincidence OR do the programers watch Ovation and thought it would be a cool thing and see if anyone noticed( I like to think it was THAT) or the networks are owned by the same parent company. I thought this was pretty groovy and finished up my homework. I resumed watching Buffalo, Decided to check MySpace I noticed that one of my favorite people in THIS galaxy posted a new blog. Its called "Human Torches" The moment I clicked on the title A comercial came on talking about a movie coming on tomorrow night called "Day of Wrath" ...The first line of the ad the announcer pants with breathless abandon: ' a woman punished for her ideas' The screen flashes on an elderly woman being burned at the stake. Hannahs blog was about monks being put to death in the same manner. (Check out her site. She writes her own songs, and they are awesome). I would write more but I have a busy day tomorrow. Right now I am going to watch Battlestar Galactica and drift off to dreamland ....dreaming of Kara "Starbuck"Thrace. She Frakin rocks! Later....But sooner than you think.

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hannah pralle said...

Yeah, that stuff is crazy. Not as crazy as the stuff I'm contemplating now, but crazy.