Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ordinary Madness

Its been a long, strange trip........
Sorry I've been away so long. I've been on leave, recovering from my surgery. Since I was given industrial strength pain killers I have been asleep for the past ten or so days. The tumor was benign; something called a pleomorphic adenoma It pops up in the parotid gland. At the rate it was growing,my doctor said that it could very well go malignant if not extracted now. My doctor was awsome ,she was the most competent and caring physician I have ever met and took great care of me. My orders were to rest and far be it for me to argue with a Major ;)
So after resting up and having the coolest dreams, I'm back. I made my Top Secret Candied Yams for the Thanksgiving party I went to. I am not one to brag, but they're pretty bad-assed. They were a hit. It was good to just chill with friends.
But about those dreams.Mix one part pain killers with my strange psyche and you have a recipie for a dreamscape that would have Jung and Leary green with envy. Hell as trippy as it got out there I think I might have talked to them. Phillip K. Dick and Sidhardtha too. I have this thing called Synesthesia...simply put its the ultimate cross-wiring of the senses; When I taste something it translates into pictures, (its SO much fun with wine) numbers have colors. It can be realy groovy. So the world was a nice cool blue as I slept.
Somewhere in between contemplating the nature of reality and playing out superpowered fantasys: Yes ...THAT dream I will call "Uncanny X-League of America Unlimited" Followed by the sequel "Infinite Midlife Crisis on Infinite Earths" I realized just how blessed I was. All better just in time to watch D.C. comics destrory the universe...again.
The tumor that they took out kind of pops up unwaranted in most people. Its the perfect symbol for the "shit happens" rule, right there with airplane engine that falls into your house and the black fly in your chardonay. Diet may have a slight factor in it. I had quit smoking a while ago:3 years this Christmas. But I used to smoke at least two packs a day. Other bad habits are the amount of red meat I eat: A LOT.
The nature of life is to change, to grow, and if we are lucky learn something new and, I dare say it, evolve. The new is not neccessarily "bad" So I've decided to slowly ease myself into a Vegetarian diet. I did a little research and for my blood type I would benefit most from going green. And the good news is I don't miss out on 2 of my favorite things...Wine and Wheat beer. Hmmm, a nice Hefewizen does sound good right about now.
Lets see....going back to college for the first time in years, dodging a bullet, and the road of life in front of me....Time to Evolve.
Remember. The mystery is what makes it fun...and the unknown is nothing but a new adventure.

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