Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The leap home

Sometimes I feel like the Quantum Leap guy.
You remember the show. Dr. Sam Beckett had a bad trip with a Quantum accellerator and finds himself leaping back and forth within his own lifetime; inhabiting another persons body or "space". He finds that he has to change history while he is there; 'to put right what was once made wrong', otherwise he is stuck there. Once the problem was solved and balace restored he would "leap" off to the next adventure, the next life, 'hoping the next leap would be the leap home'.
It kind of ups the antie on that whole Karma thing, and prooves that Scott Bacula is more effective than Superman any day.
Loved that show. It was good TV. Before the glut of reality shows with vapid, plastic twenty-somethings selling their souls for a buck and sucking in viewers like a Hoover from hell (He/She is a souless fuck but my God they're pretty) But thats another discussion. I recently found myself in limbo, wating for the next wave in my life and I found that stepping outside of myself and helping others helps me. I don't run around looking to save people; I've got enough shit to do on my own. The situations just tend to present themselves (usually when I am trying to get to my coffie, damnit) But I think that if you have a chance to change things for the better you should take it.

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