Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I call Bullshit

I will never cease to be amazed by peoples arrogance. I have met people with degrees and doctorates who know alot about very little; because maybe having a major in a paticular subject only seeks to narrow your scope. I think that the worlds problems all boil down to ego. We worry about how people view us and how we can make our mark and be individuals. The times-old quest for self actualization. Its why people try to buy things they will never own; like timeshares.
Its why people buy the latest self help book, Its why people follow gurus and give their power away to the wizard; never thinking once to pay attention to the jackass behind the curtain. Its why people go to seminars and listen to someone else tell them how to "live powerfully" and how to "get it" Well my friends, "IT" is bullshit served up with sparklies on top to make it look like shinola...but its still bullshit. Big fat corrupt corperate bullshit with a shiny happy psedo-enlightened face.
What I'm saying here folks is the only answers you are going to get about life, the universe, and everything is from within. Look to yourself : You have everything you need. Except for alcohol...I don't have that right now...I think I will go get some.
More later

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