Monday, October 6, 2008

When the Quantum Bomb Drops

At times I used to wonder why we are here. If its the question that drives us, what will we do with the answer?

Well, we won't be exploring that in THIS blog. In fact, this is a blog about nothing.

We are sparks of infinite energy that burn brightly on borrowed time, strutting and fretting across the stage in a costume of flesh that is so convincing that we sometimes forget our true nature and think that our life here is all there is. Our whole lives is a search for meaning a reason to be here. Some find ith through religion, through service to others or more hedonistic pursuits. and in each case they are all right , because the truth is quite subjective.

I have since childhood questioned everything. Doesnt make me special, just curious. I think that our curiosity is what marks us as a species. We have explored nearly everything about ourselves and our world, even mapping the human genome to learn how to make a better "us".
Across the sea someone is smashing atoms together in hopes of cracking them open to see what goodies lie inside. And in this world where someday silicon itself may be obsolete I wonder whats next.

At the same time there are people who belive that the world is only 8,000 years old, that the creators of the Large Hadron Collider are going to destroy the Earth, and that all our problems would be solved by drinking a crude oil smoothie. There's an undeclared war on science and progress fueled by fear, masking itself as faith. It is our nature as humans to learn, change and evoulve. And we are at a crossroads and our greatest discoveries are yet to come, a quantum bomb of advancement. We can either choose to ride this wave or swim back to shore with out wetsuited tail between our legs. We will discuss that, love, life, comics, culture, science and the spirit. All these things interest me; and writing about them is the best way to learn and explore them. This is a blog about nothing. And in a quantum world that could mean that its about everything.

I hope to see you again soon.

Romy Astrovick

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