Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We've only got 120 Minuets to save the world!

You know, after my rant last night....The very moment I hit "Post" on my blog; the universe decided to bitch slap me with the Indigo Girls video "Closer I am to Fine". (Syncronicity is Gods way of letting you know She's listening). Guess I deserved it.And I WAS watching 120minuets on VH1 Classic.(every Sunday night) The universes gentle reminder to focus on the Light and not the dark. "and the less I seek my source for some definitive...." You know the rest kids.
The Light. When people talk about The Light and the power therin....I can't help but think how much I hate that "airy-fairy" bullshit. My personal approach would be more proactive. First ...I'd need Marty McFly's Delorian. Oh yeah....Time Travel....thought ya knew.

Hmmmmm....Nope While the Delorian is flashy, and a classic to boot. I need a something a little more subtle. I got it! Quantum Leaping! Granted I tip my hat to Dr. Samuel Becket and his time-hopping holo-buddy Al. I would do things that would impact history. Like leap into the lead car of the paparatzi bastards who chased Princess Diana to her death; I would take the lead car and block the rest...and maybe she and Dodi would have gotten away.
I would try to save Michael Jackson from himself. I would go back to 1984, right before the Grammys and leap into someone he would listen to....Liz Taylor!

"Michael now Michael listen to me...You are taking Emanual Lewis and Brooke Shields to the Grammys...Now Micheal you know that its wrong to keep a child out past his bedtime...Leave him with his parents. Now that long, lean Calvin Cline jean wearing vixen is all over you. Try it ....it will change your life young man...and I noticed you looking at skin bleaching. Michael you are beautiful just the way you are...please dont do it. I (Liz ) would hug the would be king of pop. and say"you'll thank me in the 90's.

Next I have to be a little mean on this one. December 8,1980. Dakota hotel NYC. I leap into the doorman and grab that chubby little pissant Mark Chapman. Having already taken his weapon (foreknowlege rules) I would beat him within an inch of his miserable life, unload the pistol into the air, and call the cops...recomending a psychward because this guy said he was gonna kill John Lennon. Once John shows up I tell him to shine on. And then I leap.

Of course I am telling these stories as if I had control over where I leaped (Sam didn't) But if a person DID have control. Lets just say that The Saints would have won the Superbowl in 07. All my winnings going to charity...All of them ...realy :)

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