Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Only Sometimes

Ah love....
Sometimes I wonder what its all for. Only sometimes
I am a guy who has love and lost several times. Its a part of life, like the ebb and flow of the tides. Inevitably we all catch it;there is no escaping it, its insidious and bubbley, just like root beer. And if you drink enough root beer; according to a Cardassian taylor I once knew, you will get heartburn.
I know this from experiance. And the bubbles in my drink have been many. From posessive control freaks to shrinking violets. Junkies and Jezebells, far-right-wing-nuts to glassy-eyed cult babes. They have all sat at my table, I don't judge them; I'm past all that. Now I just feel sorry for them.
Sometimes I think that I don't need it. And I don't. I am too focused on what I want right now; school, carreer, retirement, my never ending quest to gain superpowers (Heat vision would be awsome and would be great for roasting smores) I am too busy to focus on a relationship now. My life right now is like a bullet train; It is only going one way. And the way I view it is you can be on this train or not, because it won't stop.
But then it would be nice to have someone to share your victories and even your defeats. To be by your side through good or ill. Someone to grow old with and drink margaritas with as you watch the sun set into twilight from the back porch. Someone who tells you when you are wrong, but they still have your back. Someone who helps you hide the bodies,and who will help you carve a soup bowl from the skull of your enemy.
Sorry about that last image...I have an inner Conan the Barbarian that likes to pop his horned head out every now and again. I digress. Because I am a busy man and the train won't stop, I don't have time enough for love (and I envy Lazerus Long) But sometimes....on very rare occasions....I wish someone were going my way.
.....but, for now, only sometimes.
Tune in next time..........

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